COVID-19 Warriors

COVID-19 Warriors

Isn’t it cynical that it took us a pandemic to perceive the value of those, who are so claimed as ‘The Corona Warriors’ today? Over the time, it has become our chronic habit to overlook their efforts, solely because of the reason that we don’t have to pine for them.  Their services are readily available to us, irrespective of when we need them. Ironical; how we take them for granted when we are actually supposed to feel indebted to them.

Imagine if the same medical professionals, health workers, policemen, government staff, bank employees, garbage collectors and media representatives discerned that they were not obligated to grant their services. And say, instead of working relentlessly for days together, they decided to take a break from their unremitting routine, just sit back, stay at home and take care of their families rather than putting their own lives at stake. However, their good conscience never refrained them from doing their bit, even after knowing that the virus wasn’t the only thing they would be combating against. There have been deplorable instances where doctors and policemen have been spat at and pelted with stones from the very people they have been trying to save. Despite this, they continue to safeguard containment zones, imposing the lockdown and keeping a check on some 2,00,000 home quarantines, besides supervising a myriad of migrants hitting roads in their attempts to go home. Nevertheless, have they quit doing their job? No. And if ever they decide to, would they be the ones at loss?

Social Media has been swarming with images of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff having their faces blemished with marks of masks they cannot even breathe through. Pre-occupied with treating patients all day, they forget having their own meals. After all, managing a hospital with 1300 beds, ensuring the welfare of those 1300 people, while treating them and co-ordinating a team of 200 people including paramedics and pharmacists is no piece of cake.

Amidst the adverse circumstances of the lockdown, managing financial service sectors has been a strenuous task. The Government staff and Bank employees tend to face an enormous risk, taking into consideration how a larger portion of their job is constituted solely by public interaction and physical contact. If there is something that holds true for every working professional in their respective industries, it is that there are only a handful of people actually willing to wake up every day and go to work. And a highly abnormal situation like the one prevailing now, gives them more reasons to justify as to why they won’t be jeopardising their lives so that they can better the lives of others! Surprisingly, they are still seen in banks, guarding our economy than staying back at home to protect their families. And yet again, we are forced to answer the same question: Have they quit their job? No. And if ever they decide to, would they be the ones at loss?

There is one more force whose work has been highly under-appreciated. Assume that we weren’t forewarned of the grave danger that coronavirus could bring to our lives; that a country whose rural inhabitants account for more than half of the entire population were totally unaware of the transmissibility of the fatal virus and that there was no one to raise a voice, or even impel us to take action against any sort of wrongdoing during the process. Point being, if it wouldn’t have been for the media and press working indefatigably, ‘Hoping to make it to 2021’ would have been an alternate phrase for ‘Dreaming the impossible’.

It is believed that selflessness is a deed that needs to be done silently. What is the point of helping the needy, deprived or the lesser privileged only if you were to end up posting pictures about it on social media and later take pride in it? Truth be told, not one medical professional or health worker has been noticed posting their picture, captioned ‘Saved 94 patients today, got bruises all over my face because of working incessantly for 25 hours. #FeelingSatisfied #TheCoronaWarriors’ or one policeman updating their live status saying ‘Currently in a Red Zone, standing in the middle of the road, burning up in the scorching heat to ensure that people abide by the rules of the lockdown.’ That itself says a lot about where we should be finding our real motivation from.

Ananya Sheth


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  1. Keyur Sheth

    At this current Pendamic, one can’t judge the value of credit for the services provided by the Medical professionals, Health workers, Police force and Civil defence force (surprisingly all Government employees who are always criticised till date).

    Government should allot a big amount of budget, alike Military budget, to established one of the Best Healthcare, Cleaning and Safety services amongst the rest of the countries of the world, in terms of Infrastructure and Salary + Wedges. This should be the Reward to all such Super Heros.

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