How and why do people with psychopathic traits make it big in the market?

How and why do people with psychopathic traits make it big in the market?

Studies have shown that it is four or five times more likely to find a psychopath in the top echelons of businesses than in the general population. We don’t have the empirical data but it is a general consensus that about one percent of general population have psychopathic traits.


Why is it so? Why is it more likely that a CEO of an MNC is more likely to be a psychopaths.

It is because psychopaths possess superficial charm, glibness and are prone to boredom.

Ask any CEO and they would easily describe these traits as leadership positive.

Psychopaths are drawn towards positions of power and authority. And like ordering people around. They often have inflated sense of self worth. Which are all traits which can be found in an industry titan.

Charm? Charisma? Yes.

Require you to praise him or her? Yes.

Orders you around? Yes.


Now, how do they do so? How do they make it to the top positions?

To succeed in business these days it helps to have a somewhat inflated sense of self-worth, and to exude confidence and charm.

Lack of empathy or guilt, dishonesty, and failure to accept responsibility for your actions are widely seen to be signs of moral failure but highly effective in running businesses. For example, leaders often have to make tough decisions. So having lack of remorse or emotions helps you to take decisions which would benefit the business rather than thinking about the employees.

In times of a recession, wonder what a god-send a person who likes firing people would be.


To conclude one can surely state that a person who runs a business objectively rather than having to feel empathy(i.e,psychpaths because ,clinically, they lack in empathy) will be more successful in running big corporations

Nishant Hemrajani


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